Chakra Sterling Silver Bangle with Semi-Precious Stones

We’re very excited about our new sterling-silver bangles, containing semi-precious stones that correspond with the seven major physical Chakras.  We have two styles, one that has all seven of the different chakra stones; the 2nd style has seven of the same stone.

Chakra Bangle with all 7 of the corresponding semi-precious stones.

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We have two sizes, the larger has a diameter of 65mm and our smaller measures in with a diameter of 68 mm. Custom sizes can also be ordered.  Each bangle is priced at $65.00, tax included.  (Shipping extra)

Cheeky Monkey Chakra Bangles

The Chakra system has a history far back into the ancient East.  There are 7 major Chakras of one’s physical state.  Through our Chakras, we are thought to transmit and receive physical, emotional, and spiritual energy.  The ideal is to have all Chakra centres clear, balanced, and vitalized for optimal well-being.

Your sterling silver bangle is made with semi-precious stones, selected to correspond with the 7 major Chakras.  Each stone’s frequencies and properties create vibrations that are thought to provide clearing, revitalizing, and healing.  Although certain colours and stones are more commonly associated with a specific Chakra, there are many that have properties affecting each chakra.  Below is a brief description of the 7 major Chakras and the gemstones we have chosen to include in our bangles.

1st Chakra:  Found at the base of the spine and corresponding to red or black, its focus is for will, security, physical energy, stability and grounding.

Garnet – A strong stone for relationships and aiding prosperity.

2nd Chakra:  Located below the naval, and typically orange or blue-green.  The focus is on creativity, healing, sexual reproductivity, intuition, emotion and desire.

Carnelian – Stone of action and focus, it is also attributed with
an improved life-force and motivation.

3rd Chakra: Found below the breastbone, this chakra is represented by the colour yellow.  The Energy focus is for intellect, personal power, ambition and protection.

                   Citrine – Attributed with activating the solar plexus area. It helps soothe
fear and anxiety and is also a strong amplification crystal.

4th Chakra: Located in the centre of the chest and the heart, pink and green represent this chakra.  Energy is focussed on love, compassion, universal consciousness and emotional balance.

Peridot – In history, this stone was known as Olivine and
is thought to vibrate with the frequency of increase, helping to bring about
what you wish for most. Prosperity, happiness, increased confidence and
power gentled by clear sight are also associated with this stone.

5th Chakra:  At the throat, above the collar-bone and associated with blue.  The energy focus is for expression, divine guidance and the communication centre.

Iolite – An increasingly expensive stone, this crystal
is thought to boost your aura and increase your mind and imagination.
It focusses both the Third Eye and Throat Chakras.

6th Chakra:  The Third Eye, which is centered on the forehead above the eyes, is associated with Indigo.  Spiritual awareness, Psychic Power, Light and Intuition are the energy focus of this Chakra.

Amethyst – Thought to be a protective crystal, Amethyst is
a strong healing stone, particularly to quieten the mind, amplify energy and
quieten the mind. It is also believed to be a strong psychic protector.

7th Chakra:  Located on the Crown, at the top of the head and represented by violet and golden-white, this chakra’s energies are for enlightenment, perfection and cosmic consciousness.

Quartz Crystal – With strong vibration, meditative, spiritual and
metaphysical properties, clear quartz crystal is attributed with
many abilities and is thought to amplify the vibrations of other crystals.
Resonating with the Crown and Third Eye Chakra, it is also strongly
associated with the 8th or Soul Chakra.