PhotoFabs ~ Butterfly Tops

Truly One Size, Flatters All!


Dragon Wings
Poppy Dreams
Sitting Pretty ~ B&W
Sitting Pretty ~ Colour
Orchid Waterfall

     My PhotoFabrics are produced for a limited run only. Digitally printed on the best quality of fabrics, with movement, comfort and luxury.  Designed with colours and patterns that make me happy to look at. These pieces are part of a continued effort to create Wearable Art.

As an avid traveller and photographer (especially wildlife photography), and a fabric-aholic, I was looking to create something that involved both my passions. The fabrics designs are created from my Original Photography, taken on my travels and at home.  In some instances, only a small portion of a photograph is used, sometimes using the existing colours, sometimes playing with them, sometime leaving the original image virtually intact, at other times creating an almost unrecognizable final image, but each inspired by how the image speaks to me.  Each piece comes with a 4x6 photo of the original image and the provenance behind that particular Moment.

Using my photography as inspiration, the original fabric designs are digitally printed on 100% Silk Crepe.  The Butterfly Top design (for the way the fabric flutters and moves), truly looks fantastic on people from very petite to plus sizes.  The drape and flow of the fabric is what makes it so flattering and feel so wonderful against the skin.  The lower front neckline can be worn to the front, or back, depending on where you want the most skin to show!  They look great over a tank top, with jeans, leggings or with dressy bottoms, so can be a casual look, or a more dressed up look, which I find particularly useful when travelling.  They’re also great over a swimsuit!  Truly versatile.

Measurements are listed under each item photo.  The side seams sit just above the waist to put minimum stress on the delicate fabric. Check out the Butterfly Top Measurements Page to understand exactly where we take our measurements.

Heavyweight Silk Crepe
Long Top/Dress
 ~ $95.00 plus shipping
Shorter top ~ $85.00 plus shipping

To order, please visit our Etsy shop, by following this link.  Or sending me an email and I can link you to Paypal directly.  If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, free delivery is available.

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