Cheeky Tops

Our Cheeky Tops are truly a multi-style, multi-wear garment.  We hope to have a showcase page shortly, with a variety of models showing how truly versatile these pieces are, but for now, I’ll have to make do with describing, as best as I can, what you can do with them.

Each, completely unique and hand-made piece is made from beautiful flowing and luxurious 100% silk.  Originally designed to be an off the shoulder piece, a recent lovely client introduced us to wearing it by making the cross-body opening a head/neckline opening.  This leaves the finished armhole for one arm and a draping, cape-like sleeve for the other arm.  Wonderful look.

You can wear it long, which is quite long, or belt the piece up.  Try tying one side in a knot at the hip or waist.

Wear it over leggings or jeans, but it also looks particularly wonderful layered over other structured clothing.  One client wears hers often over a cotton dress, which looks particularily funky!  Send us your pictures of the way you wear your pieces and we’ll include them in the photo gallery.

Here are our Cheeky Tops, available for purchase on our Etsy Shop or by sending us an email!
(Click on the image for more detailed measurements of the off-the-shoulder opening, which can be tailored personally for your measurements if desired.)


Too late!  Already Sold Items…but custom orders are always possible…

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