Monkey Tops

PhotoFabs are our newest line of clothing, created from my original photography and digitally printed on a gorgeous heavy weight silk.  Check the link below for these beauties, they’ll be printed for a limited time only!

We started off with a terrible addition to fabric, and were especially in trouble when we first were exposed to the incredible silks of India.  The colours and patterns caught us in its web and we were unable pass these fabulous, sensuous, colourful creations by.

With our ‘stash’ growing, and people asking us where we got the clothing we made from them, our Monkey Tops were born.  We have two lines at the moment, both meant to showcase the fabric itself, rather than clothing construction.  We only use a particular fabric once per each design, so it is truly unique and one-of-a-kind.  It also allows us to buy lots and lots of different fabric!!!

Check out our lines of Monkey Tops!!
PhotoFabs Butterfly Tops

PhotoFabs Cotton-Silk Kaftans 
Butterfly Tops Gallery
Cheeky Tops Gallery

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