Doodled Denim ~ Indian Mehendi

The start of it all.  This line started with Sandra doodling on 2 pairs of jeans that she then sewed together and then started sketching on (Item #17).  I loved them right away, as did our friends and family, so, Doodled Denim was born!  This section showcases the Mehendi (Indian henna) inspired patterns that we love so much.

Also in here are 3 pieces that have become my personal favourites!  I love the added depth Sandra has created by hand-painting the denim with bleach before Doodling the wonderful mehendi inspired artwork on the jeans.

We’ll leave any ‘SOLD’ items up, to provide ideas for people wishing custom orders.  Your custom-ordered pieces can be ordered by sending us a query through the comment box below.

  • Click on the thumbnail images below to open to a larger view; opening the Front View will provide more detailed descriptions and measurements of each piece.
  • Consult our Doodled Denim Measurements Page to understand fit.


Available Pieces


Items Sold or Custom Ordered

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