Doodled Denim ~ Wearable Art

*** New ***  Our Holiday Doodled Denim has just begun! Really brand new, so check them out as designs grow!

We have quite a selection of our Doodled Denim Art ready for purchase. You can purchase them via our Etsy Webpage, or, send us a query and we can set you up with our Paypal site to invoice. As always, we will do commissioned pieces, either on a pair of your own jeans, or ask us to keep an eye out for the right size and make of jeans on our ‘Gently Loved’ hunt for denim.

All prices are inclusive of tax. Shipping is an additional charge. 

Now, on to our available, One-of-a-Kind Doodled Denim!

We have a few lines of doodling we’ve been experimenting with thus far. Follow the links below for the galleries of each group. And drop us a line letting us know what you think, and if you have any other inspirational ideas for art you think would look great on denim!

New:  Holiday-themed and suitably sparkly Doodled Denim!

Art Nouveau inspired Doodled Denim

SOLD  1 pair of Westcoast Canadian Native American Art inspired Doodled Denim

Mexican Folk Art & Skulls inspired line of Doodled Denim

Indian Mehndi inspired Doodling, including pieces that are hand-painted with bleach before Doodling.

A line of Kids Doodled Denim has begun.  Check in here to see whats available now!

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