Love Pillows?  Love soft, touchable ultra-suede?  Love unique, original art pieces?

These babies are for you!  The start of a line of original photo pillows, that will be available in several sizes made to fit the wonderfully affordable IKEA sized inserts.

We will also be making customized pieces for you!  Send us your photo, let us know your ideas and we’ll work to make them realized.

The pillows should be officially launched early in 2015, but till then, let me know what you think!

Final Tote Design: Tiger Sass!


Leaving my favourite for last!  The final Canvas Photo-Print Tote Bag of the New Collection!

Tiger Sass!  Love this photo, in no small part due to the fabulous Moment it brings to mind, of time spent in the company of this young adolescent wild tiger, wandering off from his mother and siblings to stretch his wings and explore.

Available through my Etsy Shop or by contacting me directly for a paypal link.
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Climbing 6000 Stairs!

First trip into Meghalaya in the Northeast of India

Not too long a wait this time!  We veer off the wildlife hunt and venture into one of the lesser travelled areas of India… the Khasi Hills of Cherrapunji.

The Khasi Hills near Cherrapunji in the northeast state of Meghalaya are a wonder! Meghalaya means “the abode of the clouds,” and is estimated to have just over three million people at latest count, with over 70% of the state covered in forest.

Also here are the fabulous Living Root Bridges, which have only recently become known to the world outside this region – one of the most spectacular engineered natural wonders I have ever seen.

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Sunset over the Khasi Hills in Cherrapuji

Kaziranga Days, Hollongapar Nights


Seems like I’m constantly playing catch up these days! Since my second visit to Kaziranga in late March 2013, I’ve since returned in late February 2014 for a third sojourn into the forest. This entry will combine the two visits!

When we last left off, we were wrapping up a short but beautiful stay at Nameri National Park in Assam. As we were leaving, we got word from the incredibly helpful Manju at Wild Grass Resort in Kaziranga National Park that the forest department had just decided it must do the annual rhino census! On the last weekend of the regular season of the park!!! Yeesh! Two choices here: be really upset about the meticulous and time-involved planning, not to mention the cost involved to make this trip to Kaziranga; or… make the best of it and have a fantabulous time! Guess which one I did? OK… I’m not a saint; I was pretty upset for a few hours. But, in the end it reinforced my desire to revisit in 2014 and provided unexpected and wonderful adventures I wouldn’t have experienced without this hiccup.

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Magnificent Manas!

+ Nameri ~ Adventures in Assam (and momentarily Bhutan)

I had been to Assam only once before. In April of 2010 I’d had a brief a 3-day visit to Kaziranga and although I enjoyed that trip, nothing prepared me for the wonder we experienced in this longer visit; which might just be the best overall wildlife trip I’ve taken, among so many remarkable ones. Manas in particular seemed somehow more ‘wild’, and so wonderfully tranquil.

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Talkin Turkey

Wonderful trip to Turkey in the Spring of 2012.  To read all about it, follow the Blog links below!

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The wonderful theatre in Miletus, Agean, Turkey


Tiger Tiger Tiger!

Fun in Kanha and Tadoba Andhari, with a first foray into Barnwapara

Had a brief trip to India last fall, so of course had to fit in some wildlife.  Before I get out my final Turkey Blog instalment, thought it time to update some wildlife adventures!

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Wonderful Wildlife ~ The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly!

…But, mostly Good!

Final India Installment for Spring 2012 and it’s all about wildlife!  This blog will be Photo-Heavy and Info-Lite since all the parks here are repeats for me and all of you intrepid readers.  Click here to read more…

Lions, Textiles and Art!


This gallery contains 3 photos.

Returning to Gujarat and further into the Kutch.  A wonderful return to Sasan Gir and then a short exploration of some of the fabulous artwork of the Kutch communities.  So much talent, so little time…  To read further, please click here to read … Continue reading