Climbing 6000 Stairs!

First trip into Meghalaya in the Northeast of India

Not too long a wait this time!  We veer off the wildlife hunt and venture into one of the lesser travelled areas of India… the Khasi Hills of Cherrapunji.

The Khasi Hills near Cherrapunji in the northeast state of Meghalaya are a wonder! Meghalaya means “the abode of the clouds,” and is estimated to have just over three million people at latest count, with over 70% of the state covered in forest.

Also here are the fabulous Living Root Bridges, which have only recently become known to the world outside this region – one of the most spectacular engineered natural wonders I have ever seen.

To read more about this wonderful, and painful, adventure, click here…

Sunset over the Khasi Hills in Cherrapuji

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