PhotoFabs: Our Newest Line in our Wearable Art

As an avid traveller and photographer (especially wildlife photography), and a fabric-aholic, I was looking to create something that involved both my passions.  The increasing affordability of digital printing has allowed me to do that.  Taking some of my favourite photos over to photoshop, I created 8 wonderful fabric designs that I’m very excited about!  In some instances, the resulting fabrics are virtually unrecognizable from the original image after I played! others are more closely aligned.  The pieces are printed on gorgeous heavyweight silk crepe as well as a more wearable soft Indian Viscose, which is made from renewable eucalyptus trees.

Each piece was then sewed into a simple Butterfly Top, designed to showcase the fabric.  We call them Butterfly Tops, because of the wonderful way they flutter and flow with the simplest movement or breeze.  Each PhotoFab piece comes with a photo of the original image as well as the story behind that Moment.

These are brand new!  And therefore, photography of the pieces are ongoing but should be complete soon.  In the meantime, click on the thumbnail above to take a look at the computer file contact sheet for preview of what you’ll see.  The top portion is the back of the garment, although I’ve deliberately not sewn in a label, so you can wear the piece either way, with a lower neckline or a lower back.  Depends what you want to show off!

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